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Established in 2003, the recently-refurbished LAB Skin Clinic premises in Neutral Bay promises you the very best facilities, the latest treatments, the latest technologies, and the superior expertise that has made LAB Skin Clinic the benchmark for serious skin rejuvenation.

Because everyone’s skin is unique, your specialist aesthetician will personalise ingredients, treatments and products that are best suited to your specific skin type, budget and lifestyle. By combining exclusive technologies with various high-performance treatment protocols such as collagen induction therapy, radio frequency, ultrasound, IPL and laser, and cosmetic injectables your LAB treatment program guarantees exceptional results leaving your skin fresh, youthful and radiant.

Located conveniently in the heart of Neutral Bay, behind a discreet door and up on the first level, LAB Skin Clinic is home to a pampering haven of serenity and individualized attention performed in an understated, intimate atmosphere where confidentiality and discretion reign.

This beautiful space for beauty, anti-ageing, skin care and well-being, also offers a full range of remedial massages and body treatments for the man or woman who wants instant results, tranquility and respite from the everyday hustle, bustle and hype.

LAB Skin Clinic
Level 1 202-212 Military Road Neutral Bay 2089
Tel: 02 9909 3602

Opening times:
Tuesday: 10am – 6pm
Wednesday: 10am – 8pm
Thursday: 10am – 7pm
Friday & Saturday: 9am – 5pm

Get the Parisian look: flawless beauty… eternally youthful … fresh … no surgery … no unnatural-looking results.

Call in for a complimentary chat to find out what LAB Skin Clinic can do for you… and get the latest and most advanced solutions for:



So, who should visit LAB Skin Clinic?

Men and women, over 25 years of age, who are busy… short of time… look after themselves… want value for money… like to be informed… want immediate & visible results…are time poor…  and… seeing those pesky signs of ageing, such as…

  • frequently dehydrated
  • fine lines, and developing/is wrinkles
  • starting to sag or develop folds around the nose and chin
  • sensitive or reddened or you have Rosacea
  • congested, or you have blackheads, whiteheads, breakouts or acne
  • showing dark and puffy circles around the eyes
  • developing open pores
  • generally ageing
  • pigmented or freckled (what some call mucky)
  • feeling rough, has poor tone or looks lack-lustre
  • or maybe you just want your skin to look younger, fresher and flawless, to prevent ageing signs

However… you may not want surgery… you may be open to the idea of injectables… but you want a natural look (maybe you know someone who’s overdone it)… or maybe you’re skeptical because ‘nothing has worked in the past… Then you need to trust someone for advice about your choice of realistic options and results. Let us help you.

TESTIMONIAL: “I would say that the clinic is totally professional. I had a Stem Cells facial today, which was outstanding. They are marvellous therapists and true professionals. They have extensive knowledge of treatments and products and share all this with the client.Janine Matthews, Neutral Bay

You, too, will love your experience here at LAB Skin Clinic. You’ll love the professionalism, the high standards, and the care factor – we’re part of your TRUSTED team (like your dentist, doctor, nutritionist, and personal trainer).

TESTIMONIAL:The service here is always fantastic. The staff are always attentive and welcoming. From my first experience, it has always been wonderful. You are never rushed through here. Everyone takes their time and provides high quality, enjoyable treatments. Thank you for a wonderful experience.” Stephanie Cameron, Mosman

skin clinic-skin rejuvenation neutral bay - LAB Skin Clinic Neutral Bay 02 9909 3602.

Don’t be misled… there are no quick fixes. It takes time to produce flawless skin and to take years off your biological age… Each element of the process is carefully customised for you, which means the length of time it takes to achieve perfection varies… BUT improvements are always immediately visible.

So, what goes into rejuvenating your skin?

AT LAB Skin Clinic, we start with a thorough diagnostic consultation followed by a skin-care and treatment plan (this will usually also include diet and supplement recommendations) and then use the best quality ingredients: scientifically advanced and clinically-proven cosmeceuticals that permeate to the lower levels of your skin to properly rejuvenate from the inside out. The ingredients that we use in treatments can be traced back to their source… nothing from the petrochemical industry or waste from the food industry. We carefully select the correct ingredients for your age, skin type and condition, DNA, health and lifestyle to ensure that you get visible… and frequently amazing… results from the very first treatment.

TESTIMONIAL: “I went to another local business before coming here… I only wish I had found you sooner. I am now very happy with my skin. I am superbly looked after.” Janice B., Mosman

NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL… At LAB Skin Clinic, you’ll get a customized solution – the best one for you – which includes the correct diagnosis, real solutions, ongoing improvements, natural-looking results, the best value… plus an enjoyable experience every time you visit.

TESTIMONIAL: I felt like I had tried everything with no results and didn’t know who to trust. Lesley and the team explained everything clearly and only sold me treatments suitable for my skin. The results so far have been amazing – my acne has reduced, my skin is brighter, and wrinkles are reducing. The team is so professional and friendly.” Sally Dowling, Neutral Bay

Using integrated holistic solutions, the proof is our clients. When you see how young they look and how flawless their skin, you’ll know there’s something different about what we do.

TESTIMONIAL: “Amazing experience! Absolutely professional with great experience on my individual skin-care needs. Learnt a great deal about my skin type and what I needed to do to make it better again. Came in 2 years ago and they cleared up my acne. Can’t wait to come in for more treatments in the future!” Christine Lee, Newtown

TESTIMONIAL: “An amazing experience in transforming my skin to a level I never expected. Staff are very friendly and meticulous. They see to it that I receive proper care during my treatments. Would definitely recommend.” Robert Z, Zetland

Call LAB Skin Clinic on 9909 3602 and tell us about your concerns; we’re here to listen and help.

skin treatments neutral bayLAB Skin Clinic Neutral Bayskin clinic neutral bay - LAB Skin Clinic Neutral Bay 02 9909 3602.SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER: Visit for a complimentary chat and experience the LAB Skin Clinic difference for yourself.


Better still, make an appointment for a full skin diagnostic evaluation…

You will thoroughly enjoy this consultation because you will learn about your skin and how to get the best long-term results for its health, clarity, firmness and youthfulness.

TESTIMONIAL: “L.A.B Skin Clinic is different to other clinics. They treat you as an individual and offer a holistic plan based on your specific needs, budget and time. Their skincare ranges offer so much more than the standard Vitamin A, or peels, which can be drying and only achieves so much. My skin visibly improved within the first week just from product use alone!” SW, Mosman (full name withheld for privacy reasons)

One of the biggest barriers to starting an anti-ageing program, is the perception of risk. You may have been considering “getting something done” for many years… but whom do you trust?  Many new clients who visit us for the first time, have had one or more disappointing experiences elsewhere… So, be reassured… you get a 100% RESULTS GUARANTEE.

Do we get things 100% right all the time? Well, yes, we do because we are very experienced. However, we acknowledge that sometimes customers may perceive their experience differently and, in these instances, we strive to for complete customer satisfaction.

LAB Skin Clinic has specialised in beauty and aesthetics for over 15 years and has lasted this long because we do not stereotype clients and offer a ‘one size fits all’ treatment… Nor will you have to put up with inferior treatments from underqualified therapists. Instead, your aestheticians and doctor each have over ten years’ experience and will customise your treatment for immediate and visible improvements.

With medical-grade technologies, advanced cosmeceutical products, cutting-edge treatments and years of experience, you are guaranteed a result that will continue to improve, regardless of how old you are!

Call 02 9909 3602.




There are possibly different things you want from a clinic / spa / beauty centre… but what if you could find them all in one place?


You realise you’re ageing and you’ve spoken to your friends, read magazines, and researched Dr Google’ only to find a confusing plethora of information that does nothing to advance your understanding. You have visited several different salons, laser clinics and the like, but still you’re not happy with the way your skin behaves… you still see problems with your skin… You know that you want that flawless skin the celebrities have, but how on earth do you get the right advice and trust that it won’t be same as same as?

You’ve spent a fortune on miracle laser treatments, had endless microdermabrasions and peels, and probably been to doctors and dermatologists but you haven’t achieved the outcomes that were promised.

You want a solution and you’re prepared to trust the high-tech choices and opt for a new skincare regime, but you’re skeptical about the businesses out there – you’ve had the endless recommendations and sales talk… now you want positive improvements.

Instant results and continuous improvements are the best value you can get!

anti ageing neutral bay - LAB Skin Clinic Neutral Bay 02 9909 3602.

How Many Years Younger Do You Want To Look?

“I’ve been a client at LAB for over 3 years. I’ve not only enjoyed my visits, but have seen my skin improve markedly. I was reasonably hesitant to try treatments at first (I’d been through the ‘beauty shop’ mill and spent money on Fabulous Treatment X or Fabulous Treatment Y with absolutely no outcome), so responded with a bit of a ‘shield & defend’ approach to any suggestions made. I took the plunge and tried the treatments and products recommended. I was, and continue to be surprised each time I have a treatment, at the cumulative improvements I see in my skin. It not only looks better, it behaves better – it takes up and responds to product more readily. I happily take advice from any of the great therapists. I don’t even question it except to ask their rationale. I can quite honestly say that out of all the businesses I’ve ever been to, LAB Skin Clinic is the only one I trust implicitly. So, I have no hesitation in recommending LAB to anyone who wants to see real and continuing improvement in their skin.*” Terry Nagle, Neutral Bay

Now is the best time to trust the business that has been around for over 15 years…

LAB Skin Clinic’s Awards and reputation means that you can trust you’ll get better results… trust you’ll see instant results… and trust you’ll age younger.

Call us on 9909 3602 or email: info@labskinclinic.com.au to find out how we can help you.



waxing-tinting for eyebrows - LAB Skin Clinic Neutral Bay 02 9909 3602.You may want somewhere that you can get in fast… great value for money (but not cheap or bargain-basement) and where you can get the results that you want. You may not want chit-chat (you don’t want to be anyone’s friend), but you do want the job done by someone who’s reliably competent, cordial and professional.

Maybe this is your expectation for grooming and maintenance; you need it done on a regular basis by someone who is effective, experienced and efficient.

Perhaps you’re not loyal to any one place as you’re likely to take advantage of popping in wherever you happen to be on the day.

The sorts of services that you want may be:

  • Waxing & Tinting
  • Botox
  • Massage to destress / eliminate discomfort or pain

When you go for these services, you care about price, availability, speed, and good results.

“Excellent. Five out of five for quality service & value. This is the best experience I have ever had.”  Margaret Stone, Mortlake 

LAB Skin Clinic’s reputation for perfect eye & lash treatments has been earned over fifteen years… simply because only senior specialists work on this important area and they take their time to get it right. Our work is so good, we have clients who visit from interstate.

Every client who visits says, “That’s the best eyebrow wax and shape I’ve ever had!” This is because we work to a high standard and take time to make it perfect.

Call us on 9909 3602 or email: info@labskinclinic.com.au… We always have time to see you.



When you want to relax, destress and be pampered, you want somewhere beautiful, luxurious, exclusive, convenient, and spacious… where the ambience is warm and friendly, the staff will make spa services neutral bay - LAB Skin Clinic Neutral Bay 02 9909 3602.you feel special and you’ll be given wonderful service and treatments such as:

  • Massages, Water Treatments, Wraps, Body Scrubs, Had & Feet Treatments
  • Luxurious Facials where your skin will feel drenched in moisture
  • Treatments where you can get lost in Relaxation

In this context, you expect to spend more money, but your expectations are very high, not so much in terms of results, but in terms of how relaxed you’ll feel. The reason you’re happy to spend more for this kind of treatment is because it’s not something you’ll do all the time. It’s something you’ll save your money for. However, because you’ve saved for it, you feel it’s something you’ve had to work hard to get and therefore the value of the dollars that you’re spending means much more than the money you spend for grooming. So, it’s for this reason your expectations are so much higher.

In these kinds of spas EVERY detail matters to you…  you care about cleanliness, décor, smell, music, lighting, customer service, the therapist’s touch, the temperature of their hands, the temperature of the room, the comfort of the beds, how well the equipment that’s being used on you has been maintained.

“By far the most lavish experience I have ever had for body treatments as far as calming customer service and experience. I absolutely adore the staff and my skin is the best it ever has been since frequenting LAB. Thank you so much!!*” Re-Ann Taylor, Neutral Bay

Call us on 9909 3602 or email: info@labskinclinic.com.au … It will be your best decision yet.

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