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Appointment Policy

General Information

Reservation Information: We secure your appointment with either a prepayment or deposit and send you a confirmation, via text, two to three days (this will depend upon the exact day of your appointment) prior to your appointment time.

Appointments: To ensure appointment availability – especially busy times, after 4 pm and Saturdays – please book at least two weeks ahead. Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment starts, otherwise arriving late, in most instances, will reduce your treatment time. Your treatment will end punctually so that the next client will not have to wait.

Cancellation Policy: If you need to change or cancel your appointment, we require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice, otherwise, the full cost of your treatment will be charged in the event you do not attend your appointment.

Payment: We only accept Visa, MasterCard and AMEX cards for transactions. We do not accept cash or cheques.

If you have any questions or would like to speak directly with a staff member, please call 02 9170 4693


Terms & Conditions

1. A contract will be deemed to have been formed based upon the offer made by LAB Skin Clinic and its staff and the acceptance by the customer of that offer.

2. No changes to the Terms and Conditions part way through an existing contract/agreement will be permitted.

3. We may vary the Terms and Conditions of use from time to time. However, we will not vary the Terms and Conditions of existing contracts without your consent.

4. The staff and management will deem that these Terms & Conditions have been read and understood sufficiently and to the extent that no discussion, alteration or personal influence will be used at any time for the purpose of changing or varying them.

5. Please choose carefully as LAB Skin Clinic does not offer refunds or credits for a change-of-mind purchases.

6. A customer always has the right to a refund or replacement if goods at the time of purchase are faulty or do not match the description. However, this guarantee does not extend to products that have been misused in a way that causes the problem.

7. Some of our treatments require you to follow pre and post-care instructions. You agree to follow all the instructions provided to you. We may deny liability if you fail to follow the after-care instructions we give you. If you suffer unforeseen complications or have any concerns, during available business hours, you agree immediately to seek advice from one of our in-clinic therapists, aestheticians or doctor.

8. We rely on you to inform us about your medications, medical conditions, illnesses, allergies or surgeries, and any reactions you may have had to any treatment (whether with us or elsewhere) in the past and continue to update any changes that may affect your treatment. If you fail to disclose something relevant and you suffer a reaction, we may deny liability because of that non-disclosure.

9. You agree to seek treatment immediately if you suffer an allergic or other reaction to a product or treatment. If you fail to seek treatment immediately, we may deny liability if your condition worsens as a result of not seeking that treatment. During business hours, LAB Skin Clinic will offer immediate treatment for an allergic or other reaction however, if you suffer a reaction after hours, you should seek the advice of your local health care professional.

10. If you choose to pay for treatment courses in installments, please be aware you cannot change your mind. All deposits and installments on treatment courses are non-refundable and non-transferable.

11. Any promotional offers, special discounts, complimentary gift vouchers, special packages, or any other such special offers may be redeemed up to but no later than the expiry date, which occurs six (6) months after the date of purchase.

12. Expired Gift Vouchers, Treatment Series and Prepaid Courses and Installments will convert to the original purchase payment value and any discounted value will be lost.

13. Except where otherwise stated, all free, discounted and/or promotional offers expire within six (6) months from the date of purchase.

14. Except in extraordinary circumstances and at the discretion of Head Office Management ONLY there will be no extensions of time granted over and above anything herein stated.

15. Any promotional offers, special discounts, complimentary gift vouchers or any such other special offer with a free or discounted component may be used at any time stated in the promotional terms and conditions, but will always be subject to availability.

16. Promotional offers, special discounts, complimentary gift vouchers or any other special offers are not redeemable for products or for cash and may not be used in lieu of cash.

17. Promotional offers, special discounts, complimentary gift vouchers or any other special offers are valid for appointments made by or within, whichever is applicable, but no later than the expiry date stated in the offer and/or written on the voucher. LAB Skin Clinic will not accept any liability in such cases where the client fails to make an appointment within the validity period.

18. Clients must advise their use of promotional offers, special discounts, complimentary gift vouchers or any other special offers at the time of making their booking otherwise the full cost of the treatment may be charged.

19. Without exception, Gift Vouchers or coupons must be presented at the time of appointment to redeem the service, treatment, product or other benefits, otherwise, full payment (whichever is applicable at the time) will be charged.

20. LAB Skin Clinic is not liable for any complimentary gift voucher or prepaid gift voucher, which is lost or stolen or not presented at the point of sale.

21. There are no refunds for payments made where a gift voucher or coupon is not presented at the time of sale. Instead, the gift voucher or coupon may be presented at another time subject to the expiry date and other terms & conditions.

22. Complimentary gift vouchers may only be used towards full priced treatments.

23. If you are using a promotional offer, discount, complimentary gift voucher, or free treatment offer, failure to attend an appointment will result in the forfeiture of the service and the cancellation of the instrument you would have used for that service.

24. We do not give refunds or credits for any reason.

25. Except where stated otherwise, all promotional offers, special discounts, complimentary gift vouchers or any other special offers are limited to one per customer and are non-transferable.

26. LAB Skin Clinic does not accept any liability for the failure by customers to book their appointments before the expiry date.

27. Clients may only use one promotional offer, discount, complimentary gift voucher or other special offers on any one day, regardless of the number of other services being taken.

29. In the case of a promotion, program or course of treatments that includes a discounted portion, it will be deemed that all paid treatments – calculated at their full price – will be used first and before any of the free portions are eligible for redemption.

30. LAB Skin Clinic will refuse to honour any promotional offers, special discounts, complimentary or free gift vouchers or any other special offers if in the reasonable opinion of LAB Skin Clinic management any client breaches our “Customer Conduct Code”.

31. LAB Skin Clinic reserves the right to refuse to honour any promotional offers, special discounts, complimentary or free gift vouchers or any other special offers if any of these Terms & Conditions are breached.

32. You are required to give us 48 hours’ prior notice of cancellation or change of appointment. If you do not give us notice you must pay the full charge for the service we were to provide you. In certain extraordinary circumstances, Head Office management may waive the charge at their sole discretion.

34. LAB Skin Clinic reserves the right to vary these Terms & Conditions without advance notice and from time to time as may become necessary.

36. Indemnity Against Debt Recovery Costs: If a debt recovery matter ends up in court, we shall claim all of the legal fees, court costs, costs we incur in recovering the debt, including all debt collection, skip tracing, private investigator and repossession costs, which will be added to the original debt amount.

37. Interest on an Outstanding Debt: In addition to any recovery costs, we reserve the right to charge interest on an outstanding debt, calculated from the date the debt became due.


  • LAB Skin Clinic provides caring, courteous and professional treatments for all our clients and guests in a calm and peaceful environment. To preserve the high standards and integrity of our business, it is expected that any visitor to our premises, will, at all times, observe the same standards of courtesy and will comply with normally accepted standards of public behaviour.
  • In the event that a visitor or customer is abusive, aggressive, argumentative, unreasonable, or intimidating, and their behaviour causes discomfort, distress or fear to other guests, or to LAB Skin Clinic staff or management, the offender will be asked to leave and will not be permitted to return.
  • In the event that the CUSTOMER CONDUCT CODE is breached, the customer will forfeit all future free, discounted and complementary goods and services and any prepaid services will be calculated at full price for the purpose of a refund (if any is due). Where applicable, a refund for any credit balances for prepaid for courses, series or products may be given less discounts, bank and administration fees.
  • A serious breach, as in the case of stealing, theft (withholding of payment), harassment, intimidation or violent behaviour will immediately be referred to the Police.
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