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Beauty Tips by LAB Skin Clinic, Neutral Bay are published each week to give you helpful information about how to attain flawless skin and prevent those pesky signs of ageing…

A lot of beauty fads come and go but there are some proven basics you need to know…

For instance, did you know that at LAB Skin Clinic we recommend double cleansing at night and single cleansing in the morning?Face Washing


Well, here are the reasons:


The first cleanse is to wash off your makeup, dirt, pollution and oils (sebum) and the second is to create a perfectly clean skin onto which you then apply your layered skincare. Cleansing twice ensures you don’t take any impurities down into your skin that could set up problems like congestion or inflammation.

NOTE: Do not go to bed with your makeup on; always wash it off thoroughly – your skin will love you for it!


You only need to cleanse once because you’re only removing skin cells, sweat and sebum.

A word about toners and lotions: 

It used to be that toners and lotions were the final part of the cleansing process and some over-the-counter products still are. However, the more scientifically advanced and correctly prescribed skincare lotions and toners are part of the skincare layering process, which help to facilitate better absorption.

Get the basics right and the rest will be more effective.

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