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Body Sculpting at LAB Skin Clinic, Neutral Bay, Call 02 9909 3602


Body Sculpting at LAB Skin Clinic, Neutral Bay, Call 02 9909 3602 using electro-medical innovation technology.

For over 15 years, we have specialised in non-surgical body sculpting treatments using state-of-the-art electro-medical technology. You can safely, comfortably (and no downtime), and effectively remove unwanted fat, lose weight, reshape your body and remove unsightly bulges without surgery.

And it’s simple, enjoyable and easy!

Our Integree and full-body LED technologies have made it possible to remove small amounts of fat without cutting the skin and with NO recovery time.  Both are FDA-approved technologies that can, when used on appropriate clients, spot reduce and smooth unwanted fat bulges.


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TESTIMONIAL: “When I started my first treatment I didn’t expect to feel so relaxed and I walked out of your clinic with a bounce in my step and an enormous amount of energy. Your assistance with diet advice, integrated with your treatments, offered me results of 8kg weight loss and more excitingly 11cm reduction around my tummy (my greatest area of concern). I was extremely happy with the results. I feel healthier, more confident and I am a different man. Thank you very much for your fantastic advice and treatments.  Peter Curtin

These innovative technologies work by using heat, multiple light-wave frequencies, directed galvanic current, polarized current, and alternating currents, which, over a series of treatments, increase metabolism, tighten muscle and remove unwanted bulges.

Fat cells self-destruct over several months, resulting in a firmer and tighter and more pleasing body contour.

Hundreds of male and female clients have been treated with our technologies with amazing results – proving they work without the need for risky surgery. Results are instant and there is NO recovery time… You can return to your normal activities immediately.

These treatments deliver safe and effective results and you can reduce clothes sizes over a series of programmed sessions.  Additionally, while most clients will resume normal activities immediately after their non-surgical body fat removal treatments, a small percentage of patients may experience low-level post-treatment muscle aches – however, this is an exceptionally good result as it indicates your muscles have been activated.

These non-invasive and no downtime treatments make non-surgical body contouring a very attractive alternative to surgery.

L.A.B Skin Clinic always stays ahead of the competition by investing in powerful TGA-approved aesthetic tools, a variety of active cosmeceutical skincare ingredients plus advanced technologies that enable us to offer anti-ageing body treatments with superior results at any age.

Which specific body fat removal treatment is best for you? 

Your aestheticians are highly educated, skilled and experienced professionals who can de-mystify the variety of options and customise the best solutions for your particular concern.

Come in for a complimentary consultation, or book a more detailed diagnostic evaluation now by phoning 02 9909 3602, or click on the link below to make an appointment online. Find out how you can have a more trim and taut youthful looking body.

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