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Botched Cosmetic Procedures – Blog by LAB Skin Clinic, Neutral Bay.

This blog: Botched cosmetic procedures by LAB Skin Clinic, Neutral Bay, serves to warn potential clients about the risks you face when going to a cheap unlicensed skin clinic…

NOTE: If you want to see what the potential risks are, go to Google Images and look up ‘botched cosmetic procedures’ they are too grotesque to insert here…

In the cosmetic and aesthetic industry, honesty matters… and integrity matters!

Without these tenets, a business will put you at high risk of damaging consequences…

Attaining ageless beauty necessitates internal and external health… not vanity or fake consumerism… and achieving this balance requires experts with many years’ health and beauty experience.

Illegal and sub-par medi-aesthetics clinics cheat… They cheat the system and they cheat you… They com your safety because their qualifications, standards and training procedures are non-existent and subordinated by the grab for quick profits. Many of these clinics use contraband drugs, low-grade treatments, which are not registered in Australia, and employ unqualified practitioners – all of which place you at risk of on-going or even fatal consequences.

The president of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA), Professor David Scott, said, “Cardiac arrests and severe toxic reactions have been occurring at clinics for the past few years and until we have appropriate regulations in place they will continue to occur.”.

To ensure you get the best results and safest treatments available anywhere, LAB Skin Clinic has, for over 15 years, set above-industry standards and maintained 100% compliance with all regulations. As a multi-award-winning clinic (previously known as LADY AT BAY), we have an Australia-wide reputation for excellence.

LAB’s cosmetic injectable treatments are performed by a medically trained doctor and registered nurse who both have extensive (combined over 26 years’) experience as cosmetic injectors and receive on-going national and international training – ensuring you of the best natural not fake results, safest procedures, and predictable outcomes.

In addition, LAB’s approved medical-grade technologies are operated only by qualified, accredited and experienced dermal technicians.

If you’re looking for advice, talk to us… Call 02 9170 4693 for more information.. Solutions are what we do best!