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Our Clear Skin Facial Clinic at LAB Skin Clinic in Neutral Bay focusses on scientifically advanced and medical-grade dermatological skin treatments that resolve all your skin problems and achieve your rejuvenated ideals.

Attaining clear skin starts with a detailed consultation and a plan.

For almost 20 years, our LAB Clear Skin Facial Clinic has specialised in helping clients of all ages – predominantly 37 to 70 year old – attain perfectly clear and smooth, better behaved, healthier and younger-looking skin. In fact, we give a 100% satisfaction guarantee that you’ll get the results you’re after.


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At LAB Clear Skin Facial Clinic, our dermal aestheticians prescribe skin care regimens that significantly improve the condition of your skin… both the top layers (epidermis) and the lower layers (dermis) to prevent as well as reverse every sign of ageing… Your skin will behave better… look better… and you’ll suffer fewer problems… you’ll be thrilled. Your skin care treatments and home care integrate cutting-edge technologies and cosmeceutical skin care products, which deliver increased hydration, fewer wrinkles, less sensitivity, no breakouts and a rejuvenated result…

A correctly and professionally prescribed skin care program to rebuild and rehydrate your skin cells is vital to long-term skin quality. In fact, you can be assured of far better results than you could ever possibly achieve from buying over the counter products that, according to scientific research, have been proven (in the majority of cases) to actually accelerate the signs of ageing!

lab-skin-clinic-skin-care-2-photo-2Your skin care requirements will be carefully diagnosed using our revolutionary new skin imaging and consultation equipment, which enables your aesthetic dermal practitioner to select an appropriate skin care prescription and track progress over time in an independent, objective way. Using this patented skin imaging technology, we can ‘see’ what is happening up to 2 mm beneath the surface of your skin to understand why your skin looks the way it does.

A treatment cure is just a few simple steps away…

Find out how you can have clear and well-behaved, problem-free skin… Come in for a consultation and tell us what your concerns are, or book a more detailed skin diagnostic evaluation by calling us on 02 9170 4693, or book an appointment online by clicking on the link below.

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As this client said:

“LAB Skin Clinic is different to other clinics. They treat you as an individual and offer a holistic plan based on your specific needs, budget and time. Their skin care ranges offer so much more than the standard Vitamin A, which can be drying and only achieves so much. My skin visibly improved within the first week just from product use alone!” SW, Mosman (full name withheld for privacy reasons)

At LAB Skin Clinic, we do not make exaggerated promises… we deliver guaranteed results… In fact, if you do not see immediate improvements we’ll offer you another treatment free on your next visit.

Clear Skin Facial Clinic, Neutral Bay – Call 02 9170 4693

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