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Update 01 January 2022

Until 15th February 2022, we are continuing to implement the temporary changes that were introduced in October 2021. These changes may affect you and we apologise most sincerely if they cause you any inconvenience…

Until such time as all staff are triple vaccinated (end of January 2022), LAB Skin Clinic will continue to require all clients and visitors to have a minimum of two vaccinations before entering its premises.

If you have symptoms or feel unwell, please call us to cancel your appointment. There will be no charge if we receive at least 12 hours’ notice. If you, or a close contact, have any respiratory symptoms, you should assume you or others have Covid and should get tested. Until your test results show Negative, you should self-isolate.

Upon entry, clients will need to show proof of vaccination. For ‘how-to’ information, please click on this link: Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination 1Oct 1832

Please ensure you use the QR Code to check in, before entering the premises, and wear a mask at all times whilst on the premises; the exception is when you are in the treatment room and undergoing your treatments. As always hand-washing upon arrival is still required as well as hand sanitiser afterwards.

All staff shall be wearing masks at all times. As well, we shall continue to uphold the same level of hospital-grade cleaning and sanitation so you can be assured of your complete safety.

If you have a medical exemption that prohibits the wearing of a mask, please call either (02) 9170 4693 or 0406 176 719 to discuss.

Additional information ensure all visitors to LAB Skin Clinic are kept safe and the threat of COVID-19 infection is limited.

  • Visits are strictly by APPOINTMENT ONLY – no popping in
  • Please do not bring children or additional adults with you unless they are fully vaccinated and required as an approved carer or translator.
  • All clients are asked to download the COVID-safe app and check in before entering our premises.
  • Upon arrival at LAB, please show your Vaccination Certificate and wash your hands immediately in the bathroom.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you are unable to show your vaccination certificate, we are legally required to refuse you a service. In this instance a 100% cancellation charge will apply.
  • Sanitiser is readily available at reception and at sanitising stations throughout the Clinic.
  • Ongoing regular hospital-grade cleaning ensures that key contact areas are disinfected with antiviral sanitising cleaner between each client.
  • Your aesthetician and all staff will be wearing a face masks and gloves to minimise the risk of asymptomatic viral spread.
  • We are spacing our appointments further apart to minimise contact between patients and to allow for additional cleaning measures.
  • In the waiting area, further spacing between chairs and the removal of all reading material and brochures ensures social distancing.
  • Please observe social distancing whenever you are in the clinic.
  • Only one client will be allowed in the public areas and treatment rooms at any one time
  • Only disposable cups will be given for water and beverages. NO glasses or cups and saucers will be offered.
  • All reading material and brochures have been removed from public areas, but brochures and handouts will still be available for you to take away.
  • Please be aware, that if you leave anything in the clinic, it will have to be discarded.
  • No client will wait for appointments
  • If you suspect you may need to cancel (owing to ill-health or suspected illness), please notify us NO LATER than 5pm and 24 hours prior to your appointment to ensure that we can prevent downtime for staff. Less than this time will incur a 100% Cancellation Fee.

To make an appointment online, please click on the link below:

LAB SKIN CLINIC, Neutral Bay – Call 02 9170 4693