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ELES All Natural Mineral Makeup is available at LAB Skin Clinic – Call 02 9170 4693


eles mineral makeup LABSkinClinicNeutralBay / MilitaryRoadNeutralBayNewSouthWales.All natural MINERAL MAKEUP

Women of all ages show the same enthusiasm for makeup that creates the appearance of flawless skin and enhances a natural-looking beauty…

At LAB Skin Clinic, ELES all natural mineral makeup is the only makeup collection we recommend because it is simply the best…

If it wasn’t we wouldn’t sell it and we wouldn’t wear it!

ELES is an extensive all-natural, clinical mineral makeup collection featuring skin-caring formulas, exquisite textures and beautiful colours to give you a silky smooth and flawless finish, conceal blemishes and unwanted flaws and enhance your beautiful features.


ELES – Sourced from nature, fused with science… Skin life-sustaining minerals, the purest elements of the earth, are essential to the line.

Micronized minerals protect and correct skin without irritation. Minerals are a chemical free sunblock, naturally shielding the skin against damaging ultra-violet light. Their powerful light-reflective properties also make flaws and imperfections less visible.

eles mineral makeup range LABSkinClinicNeutralBay / MilitaryRoadNeutralBayNewSouthWales.eles mineral makeup products LABSkinClinicNeutralBay / MilitaryRoadNeutralBayNewSouthWales.eles mineral makeup products LABSkinClinicNeutralBay / MilitaryRoadNeutralBayNewSouthWales.Virtually weightless, “second-skin” formulas… Mineral makeup allows skin to “breathe” freely while shielding against age aggressors.

Every product is free of heavy fillers and pore-clogging ingredients. ELES skin-safe formulas contain no potential irritants, such as fragrance, oil, talc and dyes.

Every formula is Hypoallergenic and oil-free.


Come in for a complimentary chat and tell us what you concerns are, or book a 30-minute consultation now on 02 9170 4693, to find out how you can have flawless and more youthful looking skin.

At LAB Skin Clinic you get a MONEY BACK guarantee – PROOF that you WILL get positive and amazing long-term results.