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How to get clear skin. By LAB Skin Clinic, Neutral Bay… Anyone can have a flawless and smooth complexion, but how do you get it? There are a few simple rules to follow:

facial treatmentDiet – Limit processed food, sugar, dairy, alcohol, artificial additives, saturated fats and substitute for a diet rich in fresh organic (preferably) vegetables (including sea vegetables), fruits, nuts & seeds, fish, poultry & lean meat, complex carbohydrates, herbs & spices (especially turmeric) and fermented foods.

Supplementation – Quality bio-available supplements that your body recognises as food are essential if your diet isn’t packed full of quality nutrition. Most people we see are deficient in: Vitamins C & D, Omega 3,6&9, B-complex, anti-oxidants and key minerals like calcium, zinc, bromine and iodine.

Avoid sun damage – Sunshine is important for Vitamin D production, but limit exposure on your face and during the hottest parts of the day. Before 9.00 AM and after 6.00 PM is good enough.

Skin Care – Must be prescribed by a skin care professional to suit your age, DNA, environment, lifestyle and skin condition. Over-the-counter products are manufactured using high quantities of water and alcohol and minimal active ingredients. The scientific evidence shows these products accelerate ageing.

Professional skin treatments – Initially you may need several if you have a specific skin problem to overcome. Otherwise four times per year (when the seasons change) plus quality skincare products is all you need.

If you’d like a more customised protocol, give us a call.

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