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How To Safely Smooth Out
Stubborn Scars

Acne…chicken pox…surgical scars, even stretch marks; no matter what kind of scar it is, it can make you feel self-conscious and not so pretty. Well, it’s time to bring back your confidence and strut your stuff!

But, you say, your scars have not responded well to other clinical treatments. This time, consider a radical approach: working with your body to dramatically diminish them.

Although laser has been the gold standard for skin rejuvenation, the cost, recovery time, and treatment were expensive and lengthy. That’s because lasers require burning or heating different layers of the skin to stimulate collagen.

Today, micro-needling, a safe and natural alternative to invasive laser treatments, has changed all that. Without burning your skin, it tightens what’s already there, assisting your body to produce more collagen and to regenerate tissue!

The increased collagen fills the marks left by scars. That means new collagen will:

– Fill in any depressed scars and deep lines
– Break down and reorganize scar tissue
– Stimulate new pigmentation

The results?

– Hard or raised scars soften, flatten
– indented scars (like acne) fill in and appear less depressed
– Areas lacking skin color will regain it
– Restored nerve endings will renew the skin sensitivity in badly damaged areas

Results can generally be seen within six weeks. In six months, you can see as much as 70-80% improvement in the appearance of your scars.

As you can see, results are powerful without laser’s expense and down time.

Ready to kiss those scars goodbye? We’d love to help!

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