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Is There A Difference Between?

Sometimes our clients tell us they try to wax at home, often with disastrous results. Most people don’t realize that waxing is a skill. It’s not as easy as it looks!

If experience is one-half of a successful waxing experience, then the other half is the product. Store brands are not always as effective in removing hair, requiring several applications, and that causes unnecessary irritation.

What’s worse, convenience store waxes adhere to your skin taking off the top layer with the wax, exposing it to possible infection.

Our wax does no such thing. It adheres only to the hair. You can imagine the difference that makes in your overall waxing experience!

With our professional salon wax, you get the added benefit of soothing agents to prevent inflammation and irritation.

Because we have been professionally trained and have years of know-how, your waxing appointments are quick and as hygienic as humanly possible without unnecessary pain.

It’s experience that pays you back!

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