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Often, when we take a good look at our skin, we don’t always like what we see, especially as we start to age. And for many of us, it’s easy to be swept up in the glamour and hype of the latest gadgetry and the promises they make. Trends, well we know they come and go and we can all get carried away with wanting to use the latest machine or the best new device. And unfortunately, many of the devices don’t live up to the promises they make.

So, we go in search of a great salon to fix our skin issues. And thankfully, there is one.

Let’s face it, no advanced skin salon these days can survive without great technology and experts within the salon who know their products inside out. So, it’s certainly refreshing to enter the L.A.B. Skin Clinic, Neutral Bay, where not only have they undergone a complete transformation, but they now have scientifically backed technology and highly experienced medical staff who know exactly how to get the best results for your skin.

When you first enter the salon, you are greeted by Shola, who is simply happiness and organisation personified. She knows all about your appointment and is ready and waiting for you and better still, the entire clinic is always running on time. Let’s face it, we all lead busy lives and it feels fantastic to walk in, be greeted so warmly and know that everything is ready and waiting for you.

But more than that, we want to leave looking amazing. And that is where Dr Osanda (Dr. Ossie to his clients), Mary, who is the Senior Clinical Dermal Aesthetician and Ensi, the Registered Nurse come in. All are highly qualified and immediately put you at ease about what treatments you need or will be having that day.

My treatment, well I’m excited to say I was trying out the HydraFacial. Never having had this type of facial before I was keen to see what all the talk was about. Realistically, this procedure is not really a facial as such, it’s far more in depth and involves using technology to cleanse, extract and hydrate your skin.

So, let me explain in a little more detail. After lying down in the treatment room, feeling snuggly and warm, the procedure is explained to you. No, there is no downtime and yes, my skin would look glowing and feel great – plus the next day I was assured it would look even better. No, it wasn’t going to be at all painful. Terrific, let’s start!

Ok, here’s the science bit; this is non ablative (meaning it resurfaces your skin without using lasers), skin rejuvenation like no other product currently on the market. It not only improves the tone, but also the texture of your skin. It has a patented 4-in1 Vortex Technology, vortex cleansing, hydro peel exfoliation, vortex extraction and vortex fusion. And this is effective for all skin types.

But what does this feel like? Ok, imagine and very small vacuum running over your face as it cleanses your skin (it’s a little scratchy, but certainly doesn’t hurt). Next the peel is added, this can sting a little for some people, but honestly, I didn’t even notice it. Then back to the vacuum and it is sucking up the debris and dirt from your skin. Having large pores, I was dreading what would come out, but it wasn’t too bad and I was thrilled to have such a clean face afterwards. Next are the beautiful serums. The smell alone was divine and they felt beautiful on my skin. Mary then used the LED light to infuse them further into my skin.

I was so relaxed I could have lay there all day, but sadly Mary had other clients wanting to have this new technology and I could understand why.

L.A.B. Clinic has invested heavily in ensuring it brings only the best to their clientele. You feel incredibly secure knowing that the practitioners are well trained, know exactly how to help your skin and ensure that your concerns are all answered.

Is it easy to get swept up in the glamour of this HydraFacial? In a word Yes. Because it works. The difference in my skin compared to a normal facial is enormous. And I have every confidence that the other procedures in the clinic will produce equally excellent results. So, what am I eager to try next? Well, that would definitely be Morpheus8, the results from this treatment are revolutionary and as I rapidly head towards a birthday with a big 0 in it, I’m keen to definitely turn back time.

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