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Lip Treatments at LAB Skin Clinic, Neutral Bay


before after lip treatment maleLip treatments at LAB Skin Clinic, Neutral Bay are a carefully designed and integrated speciality. We have been focussing on helping clients with anti-ageing lip treatments for almost 2 decades.

There is a science to creating beautiful, smooth, wrinkle-free and plump lips that defy age… and the best is to prevent volume loss and the development of wrinkles.

Professional treatments:

Sometimes just one modality and sometimes several need to be integrated to smooth fine lip lines, revolumise, prevent shrivelling and to help your lips age beautifully…cosmetic injectables

Treatments can vary between:

  • Dermal filler treatments
  • Professional peels from mild to medical strength (the strength will depend upon age)
  • Skin needling (sometimes called micro-needling or collagen induction therapy))
  • Omnilux LED treatments
  • Growth factors
  • Plasma Pen therapy
  • Cosmetic injections such as muscle relaxants (cosmetic injectable treatments provide instant and very natural results in qualified hands).


Lip enhancement using dermal fillers:

In creating a natural look, we are careful to pay attention to lip proportion as well as volume. When your medical expert assesses your lips prior to treatment, we have to look at the balance of upper to lower lip height.asian lip filler melbourne The diagram (right) shows an example of a beautiful pair of lips. If we look at the height of the upper lip compared to the lower lip you can see that the lower lip is approximately 1.6 times larger than the upper lip. In a Caucasian patient we aim for the 1:1.6 upper to lower lip ratio. However, the 1:1.6 ratio does not apply to all patients across the world. The ideal upper to lower lip ratio in Asian patients is closer to 1:1 so the height of the upper and lower lips are roughly the same height (shown in the diagram right).


At home TIPS:

  • Always use a quality sunscreen
  • Avoid puckering your lips together when angry
  • Avoid licking your lips, whistling and drinking from straws and water/soft drink bottles
  • Apply quality skincare – especially those that contain ingredients like retinoids (Vitamin A), CoQ10, peptides and hyaluronic acid – on and around the borders of your lips
  • Regularly use (up to three times per week) a gentle exfoliant
  • Regularly apply lip gel or lipstick top prevent them drying
  • Make lips appear larger by using your lip pencil to draw the line on your lip borders and then filling in with lip pencil colour. Apply lipstick or gel as per normal
  • Strategically place gloss on the middle of your top and bottom lips to create the illusion of fuller lips


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