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Established in 2003, LAB Skin Clinic has received multiple business, customer service and industry awards. Over this period, LAB Skin Clinic has evolved to become the undisputed leader in non-surgical facelifts and cosmetic slow ageing…

We customise precise solutions that deliver immediate and visible results, and which continuously improve over time.

Our primary objective is to help clients defy the ageing process and look years younger than their chronological age.

If you have one or more different skin/ageing concerns, ultimately they all coalesce into one visual focus: facial ageing. If you’ve reached the age of 35 years or more, you will already have developed one or more visible signs.

With a comprehensive range of medical-grade technologies, we help resolve skin ageing signs:

  • Fine lines / wrinkles
  • Puffy eyes / dark circles / crows’ feet
  • Pigmentation / age spots / melasma
  • Redness / rosacea / spider veins
  • Loss of volume / laxity / skin folds
  • Open pores / congestion / dryness / poor tone / dull & lacklustre
  • Acne / adult acne / scarring

And every woman wants a solution… even better if it’s effective, results-driven and in one destination.


“I’ve been a client at LAB for over 3 years. I’ve not only enjoyed my visits, but have seen my skin improve markedly. I was reasonably hesitant to try treatments at first (I’d been through the ‘beauty shop’ mill and spent money on Fabulous Treatment X or Fabulous Treatment Y with absolutely no outcome), so responded with a bit of a ‘shield & defend’ approach to any suggestions made. I took the plunge and tried the treatments and products recommended. I was, and continue to be surprised each time I have a treatment, at the cumulative improvements I see in my skin. It not only looks better, it behaves better – it takes up and responds to product more readily. I happily take advice from any of the great therapists. I don’t even question it except to ask their rationale. I can quite honestly say that out of all the businesses I’ve ever been to, LAB Skin Clinic is the only one I trust implicitly. So, I have no hesitation in recommending LAB to anyone who wants to see real and continuing improvement in their skin.*” Terry Nagle, Neutral Bay

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Medi-Clinic Neutral Bay. LAB Skin Clinic. Call 02 9170 4693

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