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LAB Skin Clinic’s aestheticians and therapists have been independently judged Sydney’s BEST for several years in a row…

Meet the Team at LAB Skin Clinic, Neutral Bay 



Director of Clinical Aesthetics & Clinical Diagnostician.

If you’re interested in solving skin problems… attaining flawless skin… preventing or reversing the signs of ageing… having a non-surgical face-lift or just a quick refreshing cosmetic anti-wrinkle injection, we are the experts who can help you.

You can expect high levels of customer care, better, consistent and reliable results and an improved appearance in a pampering and relaxing environment – you have my personal guarantee that you’ll always be delighted and your skin will improve to the level that few others can match.

There are thousands of treatments and products on the market and many make misleading, exaggerated or even false statements and promises! To get the best results, you must have the right advice, the right products and the right treatments otherwise without this trinity you’re going to be disappointed.

LAB Skin Clinic, established in 2003, has received multiple business awards and is one of Sydney’s leading skin clinics. It is a trustworthy destination preferred by anyone wanting high levels of service and effective visible results.

“I was greeted and made to feel very welcome by Lesley and her team. I have travelled all over the world & had many treatments at some of the best clinics and spas, but LAB’s staff have that wonderful touch and their facials and massages are so very therapeutic – the best I’ve ever had.” Michel D, Neutral Bay


Cosmetic Doctors & Nurses

Using the skills of experienced doctors and nurses, we provide customised treatments that enhance your natural beauty.

Always subtle and natural-looking – never fake – the results will always give you a refreshed and youthful appearance.

You will always receive genuine product that is competitively priced for long-term and safe results.




Kathy is a Senior Dermal Therapist and Certified SMP Practitioner & Specialist.

Kathy has almost 25 years’ experience in beauty, cosmetic and dermal therapies, cosmetology, micro-pigmentation and training and she is dedicated to achieving great results for her clients.

Her specialist fields are:

Advanced Medical-Grade Skin Needling: Known as Sydney’s Skin Needling Queen, Kathy will give you results that will delight you. Her advanced techniques are specialised, safe and very effective… delivering results for flawless skin that you have to experience to believe!

Plasma Pen Practitioner: Having done tens of thousands of treatments, Kathy is a leading specialist in non-surgical blepharoplasty, wrinkle removal, skin resurfacing, skin tag removal, mole removal, scar removal, stretch mark removal and milia removal.

Skin Rejuvenation: As a qualified and experienced Dermal Aesthetician and qualified Government Accredited Trainer, Kathy specialises in perfecting skin results for her patients/clients. She has worked alongside some of Sydney’s most respected plastic & cosmetic surgeons.

Scalp Micropigmentation: With her specialist technique, Kathy provides men and women with the appearance of hair fullness on the scalp.

Feather Touch Brow Treatment: Kathy is one of Sydney’s most experienced technicians in this art – giving a 3D effect to eyebrows and recreating lost or thinning eyebrows.

Platelet Rich Plasma & Factor 4 Treatments: An advanced treatment protocol for hair restoration and skin rejuvenation, providing clients with unrivalled personal care.

Australia’s Eyebrow Queen: Eyebrows transcend to another level of quality and shapely artistry fro the most perfect facial compliment.

With a huge following, a sunny personality and passion for her work, Kathy has chosen to work with LAB Skin Clinic because she says, “It feels like home!”

“I look forward to meeting you and helping you with my specialist advice.”




lab-skin-clinic-aboutus-photo-2Having worked with LAB Skin Clinic for over 16 years, I feel lucky to get to know so many of our clients on a personal basis. My greatest pleasure comes from working with women and men to achieve great results for their skin and in having helped them maintain and improve their skin. You can tell the clients who have come to LAB Skin Clinic for a number of years – they’re the ones who are looking younger as they get older!

It’s so rewarding to assist a client to get rid of their acne, clear up rosacea, finally find a solution for eczema, fit into their ‘skinny’ jeans… and to look and feel so much more beautiful and confident! I have great faith in the excellent results we achieve for clients and am committed to getting the best results, so I expect my clients to be just as committed to the care of their skin as I am. Let’s face it, you can go to any ordinary beauty salon to get a ‘facial’, but if you’re coming to L.A.B Skin Clinic, you want results, so you’ll put in the effort to look after your skin at home as well as coming for regular treatments. For this reason, I am selective about the clients I’ll work with.


“The girls are lovely. I love having a treatment with Katherine – she is a great therapist, also very caring and lovely to deal with. The treatment was truly relaxing and my face felt so much more rejuvenated – it was an obvious difference which is what you want from a treatment. Thank you.” Elli J, Neutral Bay

“Can I take you home with me? You’re amazing! Thank you.” Teresa L, Neutral Bay


LAB Skin Clinic, Neutral Bay. Call 02 9909 3602. 

For over sixteen years, LAB Skin Clinic has steadfastly focussed on integrating best practice, ongoing education and the latest proven scientific and technological innovation – all to provide you with superior results. The business and our services have become iconic within the Industry and the greater North Shore area, which serves to highlight the amazing results you will achieve here.

If you’re interested in caring for your skin… rejuvenating your skin or whole face, neck & decolletage area… solving skin problems… getting better results… and preventing or reversing the signs of ageing… and yes, even having a non-surgical facelift… We are the experts and can help you.

If you want effortless and reliable results and a natural more attractive appearance in a caring, pampering and relaxing environment, then you have our personal guarantee that you’ll never be disappointed. You will get positive and ongoing improvements without any risks.

Whichever treatment you choose, you’ll receive the most advanced, and scientifically proven, medical-grade technology, skin care and treatment protocols that will deliver instant results that you can trust will delight you. See our many testimonials from thrilled clients.

Visit us for a complimentary consultation by clicking on the link below to make an appointment, or phone 02 9909 3602 to find out how our customized programs can help you.

Proven Results…

As a LAB client, you will age younger…

You, too, can have fewer wrinkles, no blemishes and better behaved and younger-looking skin. You will achieve better results because the experience and knowledge of our specialists, aestheticians and doctors, integrated with our technologically advanced medical-grade equipment, our treatments and the scientifically advanced cosmeceutical skin care products guarantee it.

In fact, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your looks will improve.

There are thousands of treatments and products on the market and too many of them make false, misleading or exaggerated promises and deliver pitiful results. To get the best results, you must have the right advice, the right products and the right treatments otherwise without this trinity you’re throwing your money away!

Please accept our invitation to drop in for a complimentary chat and ask how we can help you, or phone 02 9909 3603, or email: info@labskinclinic.com.au to find out how our customized programs can help you.

The LAB Team looks forward to seeing you soon…

TESTIMONIAL: When I first went to LAB Skin Clinic my skin was horribly pigmented and dirty-looking. I’m so happy because after their advice, and my treatments and skin-care my skin is looking flawless and I receive compliments all the time. Most people think I’m in my mid-30s when in fact I’m 43! I’m so grateful. I trust your advice because I know you have the answers and you care.*” Islah L, Neutral Bay

TESTIMONIAL: “Thanks LAB for your help in turning around my dreadful skin and the wrinkles. I went to see a local plastic surgeon and was contemplating surgery until a friend recommended you guys. I was surprised to find out I could achieve the same youthful appearance without surgery and it cost me far less. It has been a great pick-me-up and I’m much more confident at work and socially. I have loved the support and care. You guys are awesome!*” Greg M, Potts Point 

Meet the Team at LAB Skin Clinic, Neutral Bay. Call 02 9909 3602