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melasmaMelasma treatments at LAB Skin Clinic, Neutral Bay, are an effective way to reduce and significantly reduce and control Melasma, but a detailed consultation is required to identify the cause and the best treatment for your skin type.

Melasma is a complicated and chronic multi-factorial skin condition, which more frequently affects women and which requires a methodical, gentle, and integrated treatment plan. before after melasma treatmentNo-one can promise complete eradication, but we’ll get close (as you can see in this photograph on the right).

Patience and realistic expectations are required as it takes time to remit, but the results can be stunning!


So what causes melasma?

  • Genes – although environmental factors are of most significance, DNA and your family genes will be a contributing factor to your melasma; they dictate your body’s response to the environmental factors identified below…
  • Hormonal Factors – occurring mostly in women of childbearing age and those taking the contraceptive pill, melasma is exacerbated by stress.
  • Inflammation – caused by illness, stress, lifestyle, diet, drugs, smoking, alcohol consumption and other contributing factors will worsen melasma by releasing chemicals that stimulate melanocyte and other cellular activity. We have seen some cases where melasma has been caused by overly aggressive, inappropriate, or too-frequent skin treatments that has cause post-inflammatory pigmentation.
  • Melanin – contains melanocytes (these produce the brown pigment in your skin, responsible for tanning it when exposed to sunlight, and protecting it against the harmful effects of UV light) and these are often overactive in melasma sufferers. All of our treatments will include effective skin care ingredients that inhibit the activity of melanocytes and their ability to produce pigment.
  • Other Skin Cells – all working synchronistically together, they each play a contributing role. Therefore, we target a focussed increase in cellular turnover to help shed the abnormally deposited melanin from within the skin layers.
  • Sun Damage – this is not the sole cause, but it is a significant factor in most cases of melasma. It is essential that you use a combined sunscreen & sunblock, such as Pevonia’s Hydrating Sunscreen, every day – not just when you expect to be in the sun.
  • Visible Light – artificial environments and computer screens have long been recognised as a major factor in the development of melasma and it could explain why some patients with very little sun exposure, such as office workers, present with recurrent melasma despite wearing daily sunscreen.
  • Vascular Activity – it is thought that increased blood vessel numbers drive chemical activity that increases melanocytes. Targeting this vascular activity is another element to reducing melasma.


Treatment Modalities

LAB SKIN CLINIC is a Certified and Accredited Specialist Depigmentation Centre.

At LAB Skin Clinic, we can use a variety of treatment options – not all are appropriate for everyone. Melasma is treated on an individual basis and resolution varies between clients.

Some treatment options:

  • Chemical peels
  • Cosmelan Depigmentation Treatment
  • Laser
  • Microneedling (for some mild cases of hyperpigmentation)
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Sunscreen

For help or advice about Melasma, contact LAB Skin Clinic on 02 9170 4693 or click on the link below to make your appointment online.

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Melasma at LAB Skin Clinic, Neutral Bay – Call 02 9170 4693

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