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Microdermabrasion Treatments at LAB Skin Clinic, Neutral Bay – Call 02 9909 3602

Sclerotherapy Treatments at LAB Skin Clinic, Neutral Bay, call 02 9909 3602, can significantly reduce the symptoms and improve the appearance of the skin and costs far less than surgery plus there is no downtime – you can return to work and resume normal activities soon after treatment.

Sclerotherapy treatments are quick, safe, non-surgical, and cost-effective in removing visible and unwanted varicose blood vessels and spider veins.

There is an 80% success rate with sclerotherapy treatments, but in a small 20% of cases, it doesn’t work, which cannot be evaluated prior to treatment.

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Sclerotherapy Treatment

Sclerotherapy removes varicose blood vessels by injecting a sclerosant directly into the blood vessel, which causes inflammation, coagulation of blood, and the narrowing of the blood vessel wall. No anaesthesia and no post-treatment care are required.

During your procedure, the affected leg is elevated to drain blood, and a sclerosant is injected directly into the varicose vein. The procedure takes 5 to 30 minutes, depending upon how many varicose veins need to be treated and how big they are.

After the injection of sclerosant, pressure is applied over the veins to prevent blood return when you stand up. You may be advised to wear compression hose for the week following your treatment to enhance your results and to reduce nuisance side effects.

The sclerotherapy injection may be painful, and the chemical (sclerosant) that is injected may cause a feeling of burning or cramping for a few minutes at the site of the injection. You may need repeated sessions and multiple injections at each session, which is totally dependent upon the number of varicose veins that require treatment.

Post Treatment

Sclerotherapy generally does not require any recovery period and you will be able to walk immediately after the treatment, but you should take it easy for a day or two. Bed rest is not recommended, but you are advised to avoid strenuous exercise for a few days after your procedure and avoid sun exposure for the first 2 weeks post-treatment.

You will be advised about whether to wear compression stockings for a short time.

Why Sclerotherapy?

When you want to treat:

  • Spider veins and small veins that are not causing serious pain or other problems
  • Small varicose veins that appear after vein-stripping surgery
  • Large varicose veins, when minimally invasive techniques are safe to use

Contra-Indications to Sclerotherapy:

  • Pregnancy or nursing
  • You have an allergy to sclerosant or similar substances
  • You have blood clots or inflammation in the deep leg veins (deep vein thrombosis)

The Risks of Sclerotherapy


  • The most common side effect is change in the colour of the skin along the treated vein – the discoloration may take 6 to 12 months to disappear. In some people, it may be permanent.
  • Failure of treatment to prevent varicose veins from returning
  • Temporary bruising, itching, pain, or blistering where the veins were treated
  • Scarring resulting from ulcers or death of the tissue around the treated vein (skin or fat necrosis) if sclerosant escapes through the wall of a weakened vein
  • A mild or severe (anaphylactic) reaction to the sclerosant. (Severe reaction is very rare but can be life-threatening)
  • Blood clots or damage in the deep vein system

So how do you decide what treatment is best for you? 

You need doctors and aestheticians who are highly qualified, skilled and experienced and who can de-mystify the variety of options and customise the best solutions for your particular skin concern.

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