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Are you searching for the latest and most effective skin tightening procedure? Look no further than Morpheus8, the innovative collagen induction therapy that combines microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) technology. This groundbreaking treatment is now available at Lab Skin Clinic, promising visible results within just one week, with continuous improvement over the months following each treatment. To help you make an informed decision, let’s delve into a 2019 study conducted by Kalamazoo College, which compared Morpheus8 to other skin tightening treatments, revealing its outstanding performance.

Morpheus8 vs. Other Skin Tightening Treatments:

The Kalamazoo College, Michigan study compared the effectiveness of three minimally invasive skin tightening treatments: Morpheus8, Thermage, and FaceTite/NeckTite. Over 50 patients, all treated at Grossman Dermatology, participated in the study, allowing researchers to evaluate the skin tightening outcomes of each procedure. The key focus was on determining if the skin appeared tighter post-treatment, and Morpheus8 emerged as the clear winner.

Study Results: Morpheus8 Takes the Lead

The study revealed that all three treatments effectively tightened the skin at the treatment site, displaying “statistically significant decreases in volume and surface of skin.” Notably, Morpheus8 consistently outperformed Thermage, particularly in the cheek region. Surprisingly, the study indicated that invasiveness and strength of a procedure do not necessarily guarantee the best results. In other words, even though some treatments are highly powerful or surgical, like outdated deep chemical peels requiring extended healing periods, they might not yield the desired outcomes. The researchers called for further investigation to understand the reasons behind Morpheus8’s exceptional results with minimal invasiveness. Worth mentioning is that this study was conducted independently, ensuring unbiased results compared to studies sponsored by technology manufacturers.

Benefits of Combining Treatments:

While Morpheus8 proves to be highly effective, combining treatments may elevate your results to the next level. At Lab Skin Clinic, we recommend complementing Morpheus8 with other procedures, such as a light chemical peel or laser treatments. This customized approach tailored by our expert clinicians has consistently delivered beautiful, natural-looking results. We believe that no singular treatment can provide the ultimate outcome, making a bespoke treatment plan the ideal approach for achieving your individual skin care goals.

Why Choose Lab Skin Clinic:

At Lab Skin Clinic, we prioritize not only the most advanced technology but also the expertise of our specialists. Our founder, Dr Ossie, personally trains his staff to uphold the highest standards, ensuring your treatment is in the most capable hands. Our no obligation, unpressured consultations allow you to explore various treatment options, including Morpheus8, with confidence. Our laser specialists are dedicated to continuous education, in-office training, and tailoring treatments to your individual needs, guaranteeing optimal results and a satisfying experience.


Embrace the ultimate skin tightening solution with Morpheus8 at Lab Skin Clinic. Backed by studies proving its excellence over other treatments, Morpheus8 is your path to achieving your desired skin goals. Discover the power of combining other complementary treatments and entrust your skin to our expert clinicians. Contact our clinic at 91704693 or 0403103979 or complete our online form for a swift response. Schedule your Morpheus8 session this spring and relish the full results just in time for a rejuvenated summer break. Let’s work together to build your personalized treatment plan today!