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Cosmetic Injections at LAB Skin Clinic, Neutral Bay. Call 02 9170 4693


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Cosmetic injections at LAB Skin Clinic are safe, quick and easy and always performed by a qualified doctor and very experienced cosmetic injector who will work with you to achieve the most natural and beautiful result. You’ll always get the world’s number 1 injectable products and receive better value than elsewhere.

NOTE: At LAB Skin Clinic, we never dilute injectable solutions above manufacturer’s specifications, guaranteeing your results will last.

Unequivocally, muscle relaxants are the most popular injectable treatments around the world today and probably ranked as the number-one non-surgical cosmetic procedure. When injected into your wrinkles, your muscles relax and your lines disappear. The final effect takes from four to five days to appear.

Treatments last from about 3 months upward to several years and cost from $200 for a single area. You will require regular top-ups if you want to stay wrinkle-free all the time.

lab spa clinic cosmetic injectibles photo  LABSkinClinicNeutralBay / MilitaryRoadNeutralBayNewSouthWales.Especially good for clients above 30 years of age, who have started to lose volume and want an instant rejuvenated look, are the range of semi-permanent and permanent fillers. Used discreetly around the face (most commonly around the eyes, forehead, nose and mouth), where folds, creases and sagging have occurred, they can instantly fill and firm to help you look years younger and more attractive. An anaesthetic pain-blocker is used to make your treatment comfortable, and the tiny needle insertion marks will disappear within a few days. Fillers will last between 8 months to 2-1/2 years. The exact type will be discussed with your doctor. Prices start from around $200.

NOTE: Cosmetic injectables can be safely and very successfully administered together in one treatment. We recommend you prepare for a special event at least one month ahead and integrate cosmetic injectable treatments with a quality skin care regimen.

Price should never be the governing factor when choosing a Cosmetic Injector. A cheap offer should be treated with caution because it could indicate that the products being used are illicitly obtained (likely from overseas) with no proof of the safety or efficacy of their ingredients. Of more concern, is the question of the qualifications, experience and registration of the operator. As was demonstrated in a Sydney Clinic in September 2017, a cheap price resulted in the patient losing her life!

IMPORTANT: No cosmetic injection is a substitute for quality skin care. If you regularly use cosmetic injectable services in lieu of skin treatment and quality skin care, your skin will not age well. At LAB Skin Clinic, we recommend using cosmetic injections as part of a whole-of-face skin care/anti-ageing strategy.

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Cosmetic Injections at LAB Skin Clinic, Neutral Bay. Call 02 9170 4693

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