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Pedicure Neutral Bay

Pedicure Neutral Bay at LAB Skin Clinic, Call 02 9909 3602

Pedicure Neutral Bay at LAB Skin Clinic, Call 02 9909 3602, is a safe, hygienic, extremely enjoyable and complete medical-grade foot care treatment that integrates a pedicure with a professional podiatrist foot treatment. This is the best Pedicure you’ll ever experience…

You can target the following:

  • Remove dry and cracked skin
  • Totally eradicate calluses and thickened skin
  • Remove warts and verrucas
  • Improve the shape and appearance of your nails 
  • Improve comfort wearing shoes

No need to see a podiatrist or risk going to a nail bar!

Benefits of a LAB Pedicure 

  • Get AMAZING total foot results immediately…
  • No blades or drills
  • Sterilised, single-use equipment
  • Safe and hygienic treatment poses no risk of cross-contamination or fungal infections
  • Clinical assessment to determine any skin/infection problems (we may refer you to a specialist)
  • Perfectly groomed nails
  • Thickened skin and calluses are removed (you may need a return visit for a wart treatment)
  • Prevent ingrown toenails
  • Dry and cracked heels are immediately banished
  • Smoothes and hydrates
  • Can add a paraffin treatment for extra hydration
  • Suitable for Men and Women
  • Luxurious, private spa rooms
  • Highly experienced practitioners
  • Feet will feel amazing after pedicure
  • Simple 45-minute procedure includes a glorious remedial massage
  • Long-lasting results

Call us on 02 9909 3602 to make an appointment or book online by clicking on the link below.

Pedicure Neutral Bay at LAB Skin Clinic. Call 02 9909 3602