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Pevonia at LAB Skin Clinic, Neutral Bay, Call 02 9909 3602

pevoniaPevonia at LAB Skin Clinic, Neutral Bay, Call 02 9909 3602, provides men and women with a truly effective and natural botanical skin care range of products and treatments that are the result of over three decades of research and development.

This truly unique brand has been developed by a group of leading International chemists, scientists, dermatologists and biologists. Chirally correct, this scientifically advanced range of products uses the very latest cutting edge ingredients to correct every skin type.

The most powerful ingredients in skin care come from the safest source – nature. For over three decades, Pevonia has been the leader in delivering natural skincare solutions to the finest spas and professional aestheticians worldwide.

Pevonia’s award-winning products and in-spa treatments are coveted by celebrities, influencers, and consumers worldwide for their aesthetician-proven ability to deliver outstanding skin solutions that restore, rejuvenate, and revitalize all skin types.

PEVONIA’s philosophy is to utilise the best and most potent ingredients from nature to create a specific range to treat different skin types:

pevonia-before-afterAcne & Problematic
Aged & Lacklustre
Men’s Line
the only skin care collection precisely formulated to target the problems associated with flushing, persistent redness, prominent spider veins, and congestion.
Special Teens range
Wrinkles & Sagging

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The ideal choice for radiant, healthy, youthful skin…Experience Pevonia treatments for optimum de-ageing and unparalleled relaxation. Pevonia Botanica green skincare products & in-spa treatments unite the finest natural marine & botanical ingredients with advanced delivery systems for maximum absorbency and truly phenomenal results.


Protecting the earth and maintaining an affinity with nature and its precious resources is an integral part of Pevonia’s philosophy. Cruelty-free formulations (no animal testing) and eco-packaging (fully post-consumer recyclable and biodegradable or reusable packaging) further affirms Pevonia’s commitment.

Pevonia supports environmental conservation as well as worthy philanthropic organizations and is a member of the Organic Trade Association. All its products use organic extracts and essential oils and are:

  • Paraben-Free
  • Alcohol-Free
  • Lanolin-Free
  • Mineral Oil-Free
  • PABA-Free
  • No artificial colours
  • No formaldehyde
  • No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Non-comedogenic (tending to cause blackheads & congestion)
  • Latest proven-effective actives
  • Advanced manufacturing technologies
  • Natural Green formulations
  • Chirally-Correct
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Extensive result-driven in-spa treatments
  • Result-prolonging home regimens
  • Eco-Packaging, passionate commitment to saving the earth

At L.A.B. Skin Clinic you get a 100% MONEY BACK guarantee – PROOF that you WILL get positive and amazing long-term results.

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Dr. Craig Kraffert, Board certified dermatologist and graduate of the UCLA School of Medicine.


dr-Craig-Kraffert“Pevonia Botanica is best characterized as spa based botanical skin care with a clinical edge.

The line is large with products suitable for virtually every skin type and situation. Rather than focus on clinical results in development and promotion of its products, Pevonia tends to be more focused on the attainment of ‘wellness’ via formulations that incorporate potent effective natural ingredients.

This is not to say that the products have no clinical benefit – they do. Pevonia’s lineup consists of products for healthy maintenance and results oriented facial care, body and foot care, sun care and bathing needs. Many distinct lines are available including, for example, products specifically for men’s skin care and rosacea prone skin care.

There are many aspects of Pevonia that are great from the dermatologic perspective and, frankly, some things that are somewhat naturopathic with methods of action and properties beyond mainstream dermatologic science.

Pevonia’s routine facial care products are characterized by light natural fragrances and adaptability to skin types from dry to oily to sensitive and variations in between. The packaging, presentation, feel and marketing of these products is artistically soothing. Pevonia has several unique mask products including some utilizing unique sources of mud that have been favored for centuries.

Results oriented products include those containing vitamin C and micro encapsulated retinol for rejuvenative and preventative therapy for photo damage. Other results oriented lines include those for acne, hyper-pigmentation and rosacea. Pevonia’s RS2 line is a favorite and works well alone on skin with mild rosacea tendencies and is great for incorporating into a regimen with prescription products for the treatment of more challenging rosacea. Pevonia’s lightening treatments are hydroquinone free and provide great results.”

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Pevonia at LAB Skin Clinic, Neutral Bay, Call 02 9909 3602