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Super Effective Plasma Pen Treatments, Neutral Bay

Most people will avoid surgery, if possible. In fact, according to research, over 86% of potential customers who enquire about a surgical solution to their ageing problems, never proceed with surgery because of the many risks, cost and downtime associated with this type of procedure.

Before blepharoplasty  Days After

39-year-old female before & 5 days post-treatment

Is a Fibroblast Plasma Pen Treatment Better Than Surgery?

For patients seeking reconstructive eye treatments, a plasma pen treatment represents the only non-invasive alternative to blepharoplasty surgery. A plasma pen procedure, using our Plasmage Plasma Pen, is a revolutionary approach to non-surgical cosmetic treatments and has completely revolutionised reconstructive eye lift treatments.

Put simply, you’ll achieve a dramatic result with minimal downtime at a fraction of the cost of a surgical procedure. In as little as one session, a fibroblast plasma pen treatment is effective for a wide variety of skin types and for any area of your face and body – but especially good for removing excessive eyelid skin and removing under eye puffiness and wrinkles.


What is a Plasmage Plasma Pen?

Plasmage Device

The Plasmage Plasma Pen is a non-surgical device, which uses fractional plasma energy to evaporate excess skin tissue. Fractional plasma ensures that safety and control are at the forefront of each treatment.

A Plasmage plasma pen treatment is an exciting new alternative to a surgical blepharoplasty and does NOT require cutting through skin and has NO associated risks. However, it effectively lifts and tightens and reduces lines, wrinkles, puffiness, sagging and darkness around the whole eye area as well as removing various other skin problems.


Plasmage Plasma Pen is an excellent skin treatment for:

  • A non-surgical upper & lower eyelift (Blepharoplasty).
  • Permanent solution to reducing skin droop over the eyes
  • Removing saggy, puffy and wrinkly skin under your eye area.
  • Removal of lines & even deep wrinkles (especially crows’ feet) across every area of your face.
  • Smoothing & lifting of deep skin folds
  • Scar removal
  • Removal of a wide variety of skin lesions
  • Dramatically reducing glabellar lines ‘elevens’ between the eyes
  • A fibroblast plasma pen treatment will smooth and tighten the skin in the neck area for a more youthful look – removing loose, crepey, wrinkly and saggy skin.
  • Instantly tightens skin on any area of the body – perfect for saggy under-arms.

Blepharoplasty LAB Skin

LAB Skin Clinic has performed over 1,000 successful treatments involving the use of our Plasmage plasma pen device for non-surgical upper and lower eye lifts (non-surgical blepharoplasty), producing immediate and stunning end results.

There is no surgery, no sutures, no scars, no risks and very little downtime required. Additionally, the procedure is perfectly safe and much cheaper than a surgical blepharoplasty.


How does the Plasmage Plasma Pen Work?

The Plasmage plasma pen ionises the gases in the air between the handpiece and the skin and converts these gases into plasma energy.

The plasma pen is held 1mm from the skin (without touching it) and produces veryProcedure small and very precise arcs of plasma energy (like tiny sparks of light) that are focussed onto your skin in rapid (so fast that your skin has no time to be burned) bursts of energy that sublimate (evaporate) the target skin tissue without ablation or side effects to the surrounding skin tissue. Skin tissue simply evaporates and excessive skin around the target area immediately retracts.

The procedure produces an accumulation of tiny brown spots on the skin, which trigger an immediate tightening, lifting and contouring reaction and simultaneously causes renewal of the treated skin. The surrounding skin remains unaffected.

Because this is a non-surgical procedure, there are no scalpels, no sutures, no bruising and no long recovery time. However, in common with other aesthetic procedures, there is also the formation of new collagen (neo-collagenesis) that develops after minor trauma to the treated skin.


Benefits of Plasmage Plasma Pen Treatments:

  • Long lasting results with most being permanent.
  • Impressive immediate WOW factor results.
  • End results are natural with no residual scars.
  • Plasma Pen is safe for use on all skin types.
  • Plasma Pen produces instant contraction and tightening of skin fibres, so results are instantly visible… plus they keep improving over time until they peak after 6 to 12 months.
  • Anaesthetic is applied 40 to 60 minutes prior to treatment so there are minimal levels of discomfort – just a prickly feeling.
  • An upper & lower eye lift procedure is quick and simple – taking approx. 30 to 40 minutes.
  • Perfect for hooded (baggy) eyelids.
  • Skin recovery time is short because there is no scalpel, sutures, or laser that removes excess skin.
  • Avoids risks inherent with surgical blepharoplasty – no bleeding, haematoma or scars.
  • After 4−8 weeks, the skin is fully renewed.
  • Histological analyses show that in the region of the plasma pen application, the area not only reconstructed but created type III (permanent) collagen post-treatment.
Before After microneedling scaled

Before & After one Plasmage plasma pen wrinkle removal treatment


Plasma Pen also treats:

  • Acne
  • Beauty marks
  • Excess skin in body areas – especially effective on post-pregnancy tummies
  • Fibroma
  • Fine line and wrinkles – very effective for removing lip lines.
  • Hyperplasias
  • Lentigo
  • Scars (including keloids)
  • Skin laxity
  • Stretch marks
  • Skin tags
  • Various skin irregularities (lesions)
  • Warts and verrucas
  • Xanthelasmas (cholesterol deposits normally found on upper eyelid)
mths post one Plasmage session

Before & 2mths after one LIP Lines removal session

What can I expect post-Plasma Pen treatment?

Whilst some patients experience a little discomfort during the treatment, topical anaesthetic is used to minimise any discomfort. Most people find the treatment quick and perfectly bearable. A specific recovery cream is prescribed to accelerate healing and two post-treatment visits also help to accelerate recovery and improve results and healing.

Immediately post-treatment, patients may experience some redness and swelling around the target area, which may persist for a day or two. The day after treatment there will be brown crusts that may last from 2 to 3 and up to 7 days (depending upon skin health). These crusts are crucial to the healing process, as they protect the new skin forming underneath.

  • Recovery is entirely pain-free.
  • After an upper & lower eye lift, we recommend allowing two or three days before resuming normal activities.
  • Do not pick the crusts on the skin or go swimming.
  • A large treatment area beyond the eyelids may require more downtime.
  • Most clients can confidently wear camouflage makeup to conceal treated eyelids and resume normal activities the following day (see photo).
  • Swelling may occur on the treated area but will disappear within 2-3 days.
  • Complete skin recovery occurs within 10 days.
  • For 5 days, wear sunglasses and use our prescribed Accelerated Recovery Cream and sunblock cream. No other medication is needed.
  • Crusts on the skin fall away within 2 to 7 days after treatment.
  • Depending upon age and skin condition, some clients may need to repeat the procedure in order to have the best results, or to maintain their condition, but the results are permanent.



What are the Risks?

Because we conduct a thorough diagnostic consultation to ensure that you are an eligible candidate for a Fibroblast plasma pen treatment, there are NO risks plus our Plasmage plasma pen device has 30 modulations of energy for precise control of the treatment area.

Scrupulously following our aftercare advice will minimize the risk of any pigmentation and ensure any side effects are minimal and temporary.


How much does a Fibroblast Plasma Skin Treatment cost?

The price will depend on the size of the area being treated and the length of time it takes to perform the treatment. For example, a full blepharoplasty (comprising the whole orbital area: eyelids, under eye area and extended upper cheek area, extended crows’ feet area, and glabellar lines) will cost more than if we treat just a few acne scars. Prices start at around $250 for a small area.

upper lower eyes

CAUTION: It is important to be diligent when choosing who performs your Plasma Pen treatment. Many clinics will mostly have inferior equipment and do not have the same safety protocols in place.

LAB Skin Clinic provides devices and procedures that are BEST IN CLASS. Your treatment will only be performed by an advanced dermal aesthetician using approved, medical-grade devices that produce the safest and best results.

*Disclaimer – results may vary from patient to patient

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