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Sensitive Or Sensitized?

“You don’t have sensitive skin,” the aesthetician said, “but your skin has become sensitized.”

And there’s a big difference between the two. Just like dry, oily, or combination skin, sensitive skin is something you’re born with. It doesn’t just happen.

Usually, sensitive skin people have fair complexions that flush easily or swell a bit to the touch. They may even get red or blotchy for no apparent reason.

That’s why skincare and make-up choices must be treated very carefully. Truly sensitive skin is experienced by a small number of the population.

Sensitized skin, on the other hand, is experienced by almost all of the population. Conditions such as low humidity, drying chlorine, harsh ingredients like benzoyl peroxide for acne, over-exfoliation, medications, and even aging, can cause a sudden reaction in your skin.

Avoiding the irritant, keeping the skin adequately hydrated, and using proper skincare for the season usually corrects the environmentally caused stress to your skin.

For truly sensitive skin, the cause is unknown. Each day is a trial and error strategy to keep skin happy and non-reactive.

Fortunately, we have skincare products designed to meet the challenges of both sensitive and sensitized skin. We can tailor what you need to your specific skin type.

If your skin is giving you attitude, calm it down with the right products and monthly facials to restore balance.

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