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Should You Get A Base Tan Before Going To The Beach?

We’re known worldwide as the “sunburnt” country, and it’s no wonder. Australia has the highest melanoma rate in the world.

That’s why so many people think that getting a base tan from a solarium is a good thing.

It isn’t.

The Skin Cancer Foundation states that, “indoor ultraviolet (UV) tanners are 74% more likely to develop melanoma than those who have never tanned indoors.” (www.skincancer.org)

Tanning beds are so bad that New South Wales and Brazil have banned them. The UK, Germany, Scotland, France, and several other states in Canada have banned them for people younger than 18.

The truth is a tan is an injury to the skin. Repeated tanning sets you up for skin cancer and premature aging.

Why chance it?

Opt for a spray tan instead. You can get a nice even tan in just minutes—and it lasts for a week!

You have no worries of melanoma, premature wrinkling, or developing any of the other many cancers associated with tanning.

Then when you’re in the sun, use plenty of sunscreen and wear a hat.

Don’t forget to use your antioxidant serum for double the protection!

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