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Skin DNA Testing


Skin DNA Testing at LAB Skin Clinic, Neutral Bay, is done once and once only because your genetic DNA never changes. This DNA Test gives you a treatment and skincare program that you can follow forthe duration of your life.


A SKIN DNA TEST identifies the 5 pillars of ageing and the risk factors that you need to address to slow and reverse the potential signs of ageing. Plus, your Report will identify a scientifically selected program of:

  • topical skincare
  • professional treatments
  • nutritional supplements
  • key dietary highlights

all of which means you have a lifelong and transportable protocol that will give you the means to overcome the environmental factors that will help to reduce your genetic propensity to premature and accelerated ageing.


Skin DNA Test & the 5 Pillars of Ageing

RISK FACTOR 1 – Firmness & ElasticityCollagen Loss

Identifies risk factors for collagen breakdown. Representing 75% of your skin’s dry weight, collagen keeps your skin firm and wrinkle free. The quality and quantity of collagen plays an enormous role in your skin’s appearance – a decline in the health & appearance of your skin leading to wrinkles, roughness & sagging along with poor wound healing, acne, rosacea & dermatitis (eczema).

RISK FACTOR 2 – Glycation (AGEs)AGEs

Identifies risk factors for glucose/collagen cross-linking causing weakened dermal/epidermal junction leading to decreased skin elasticity, heavy wrinkles & folds, accelerated ageing, cracking & thinning skin, uneven skin texture & pillowing.

RISK FACTOR 3 – Sun Damage & Pigmentation

Identifies risk factors that can cause accelerated and premature ageing and a host of other changes to your skin.sun damage pigmentation

Exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun accounts for 90% of the symptoms of early skin ageing and repeated exposure compounds the effects in the skin. Apart from the visible signs such as freckles, blemishes, pigmentation and melasma, sun damage also causes skin thinning, fine lines, redness, broken capillaries and rough skin. The internal signs of sun dame are UV radical damage, poor cellular function, increased mitochondrial damage and structural damage to your DNA.

RISK FACTOR 4 – Free Radical Damagefre radical damage

The oxidation phenomenon, caused by free radicals, is recognised as one of the leading causes of skin ageing. Your most powerful defense against these free radicals is controlled by your own antioxidant genes – the levels of which can vary greatly from person to person and can only be identified through DNA testing.

The Skin DNA Test identifies risk factors that can cause dull, lifeless and rough textured skin, uneven skin tone, irregular pigmentation, excessive dryness/oiliness and accelerated ageing.


RISK FACTOR 5 – Sensitivity & Inflammationsensitivity inflammation

Whilst inflammation is the skin’s first line of defense against foreign substances like bacteria and chemicals, excessive inflammation is one of the most common themes in early onset skin ageing. Often subtle, the signs include skin sensitivity, redness and irritation.

The genes that make up your Sensitivity & Inflammation score play a key role in signalling the release of inflammatory proteins to help detoxify your skin and body from environmental pollutants and xenobiotics. The regulation of inflammation is largely a genetic function, so a low risk score is more ideal.

Symptoms of damage are: overreactive inflammatory signalling, heightened chemical sensitivity, itching & redness (anywhere on your skin) rashes & swelling, accelerated biological ageing.

If any of the information contained here has caused you concern for which you have been unable to obtain a satisfactory answer, then a Skin DNA Test is vital to how you age.

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