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The Internet has changed many aspects of modern living and the practice of consulting “Dr Google” for medicinal and skin care advice is increasing… I have had a couple of clients tell me, after explaining a product, “I’ll check it out on Google”.

Hm… really… The information is that good?

The Internet is convenient and often seductive with its lower prices, but this desire for convenience and to save money carries significant risks. Many products found online are expired, counterfeit, old, or containers refilled with a different formulation.

Don’t believe me? Read on…

Recently, I have spoken to several clients who are buying their products online and one in particular gave me cause for concern… According to The Counterfeit Report, pharmaceuticals and personal care products, including cosmetics, are among the top five types of products seized by US Customs and Border Patrol agents. Such products include old bottles refilled with inexpensive imitation creams, or bottles made to look like legitimate products that are filled with imitation cream. I recently had a client who presented with an adverse reaction to a retinol product, which she had brought with her to the consultation. I sent the bottle to the company, which confirmed my suspicion that the product was counterfeit – a different bottle with a similar label.

Most legitimate companies strongly discourage people from using eBay or other auction sites (which do not vouch for the safety and authenticity of products sold through their services) and do not permit sales on such sites. Companies will not guarantee any product purchased via non-authorised resellers as the authenticity and safety of such products cannot be verified.

Research has found many unscrupulous online retailers slashing prices on expired products and removing expiration dates from the packaging. It is important to remember that ingredients – particularly retinol – degrade with exposure to air, sun, heat and over time.

NO website can guarantee outcomes comparable to a skincare professional and product quality and safety can only be enforced when dispensed through authorised channels. Several products that have entered the US and Australia, being marketed as skin lighteners, anti-ageing agents and acne treatment products, have been found to contain mercury (according to the FDA). Arsenic, lead, beryllium, and other harmful toxins as well as allergy-inducing fragrances or preservatives, not approved as safe, may also be found in such products of dubious origin from non-authorised websites.

I encourage you to purchase your skin-care products from legitimate retailers (preferably LAB Skin Clinic) so you can be assured of receiving the proper formulations that are fresh and have a significant shelf-life.

DO NOT skimp when it comes to the health of your skin… It may very well end up costing you more in terms of time, skin irritation, treatment correction and other related expenses.


The ACCs has issued a warning about the use of non-approved substances purported to be botulinum toxin, being injected by home-based and other disreputable businesses following complaints made to the TGA.

Some disreputable operators purchase their products from overseas suppliers offering products that include both botulinum toxin and fillers by brand name and in packaging that is hard to distinguish from the approved substance.

In Australia, only a registered medical practitioner is able to buy these Schedule Four listed products. So, if you have had an injectable that has lasted less than the recommended period of time, you have probably been injected by a non-approved substance or it has been diluted… Please know that it is illegal for overseas products to be used in this way and they are potentially lethal.

Data presented at IMCAS in Paris in 2015 indicated that the fake market is now worth the same dollar value as the legitimate product.

At LAB Skin Clinic you will always receive TGA approved product that has been ordered by our registered doctor.

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