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This Chokes The Fountain Of Youth

This Chokes The Fountain Of Youth

This Chokes The Fountain Of Youth

Did you know that the fountain of youth is actually in your bloodstream? Your blood carries oxygen, which is vital for cell renewal, fighting off damaging free radicals and carrying away toxins.

Without oxygen, your skin thins, collagen and elastin are damaged, creating premature sagging and wrinkles. You also lose vitamin C, which keeps skin soft and glowing.

Vertical lines form around your mouth and wound healing is much slower. Aging is quicker. Wow! Is it any wonder that we encourage all smokers to quit?

Even if you don’t see the signs of aging yet, remember, it can take up to 10 years for the damage to appear! Do what you need to quit this dreadful life threatening habit.

We have facials for smokers that help to infuse oxygen into your skin, refresh it, leaving it smooth and hydrated. Once you see how beautiful your skin looks, we’re hoping it will give you the nudge you need to keep it that way all the time.

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