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Why This Natural Treatment Beats Laser

When you hear the phrase “natural anti-aging treatments,” you might think these treatments couldn’t possibly be powerful enough to create dramatic change. Bah humbug!

For years, laser has been the gold standard in the anti-aging world. The process stimulates collagen by heating and burning the skin to rejuvenate it. But the cost is high and the downtime long.

Micro-needling, on the other hand, does not burn your skin. It tightens existing collagen, helping your body to naturally create more, and it regenerates tissue. Better still, the investment is about one-third of invasive laser.

Because micro-needling increases collagen in your skin, it makes it thicker and firmer. That’s why it can be performed indefinitely, unlike laser.

Downtime is also minimal because it leaves the outer layer of skin intact. Truly, this approach to skin rejuvenation is nearly ideal.

– It is low risk
– Has no sun sensitivity
– No fillers are needed, lessening expense and possible allergic reaction
– Can be repeated indefinitely, unlike laser resurfacing

Typically, our clients see a 30-90% improvement in their skin!

Talk to us about this safe, natural approach to skin rejuvenation. You’ll be so glad you did.

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